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Invitation to the Buddha Day (Puja Celebration)

Invitation to the Buddha Day

Puja Celebration


Dear Dhamma friends,

                                Buddhists all over the world celebrate on the second month of lunar calendar, on this Vesak the Buddha Day, in commemoration of (1) the Birth of the Gotama Buddha, (2) his attainment of the Full Enlightenment, his becoming endowed with Sabbannutta Nana, his becoming endowed with Sabbannutta Nana,  his becoming a Supremely Self-Enlightened Buddha,  and  (3) his Passing Away, Mahaparinibbana.

                                We invite all Dhamma friends to participate at this Buddha Day Celebration ceremony, to be held from May 21st  to May 23nd,2016 at the Chanmyay Satipatthana  Vihara, Springfield ,Illinois.The celebration will start at 4:30 AM on Saturday May 21st,2016 with the following program.



       1:  Taking 9 percepts from the Resident Sayadaw Nyana Nanda

       2:   Listening to the chanting of Paritta suttas by the Sayadaw

       3:   Buddha Puja and Consecration chanting by the whole  group

       4:   Offerings of flowers,water , candle lights,fruits to the Buddha

       5:   Starting of Satipatthana Vipassana mediation retreat

       Note:  If would like to offer meals to Sanga and/or yogis during mediation retreat , you are welcome

       To do so in person or sending donation to SVA.

        May all living beings, realizing dhamma , live in peace and happiness.


                                                                                                                                Satipatthana Vipassana Association

                                                                                                                                  9 Harriet Lane, Springfield,IL 62702